`` Tanzanite & White Gold Rings

Tanzanite and White Gold Rings

When you use Tanzanite in white gold rings the outcome is stunning. Whether you are looking for a subtle and dainty ring or a ring which makes a statement and won't go unnoticed then Tanzanite and White gold is defiantly the way to go. The White gold gives a wonderful setting for the stunning violet-blue of the Tanzanite stone...continued at bottom of the page...

Designer 14K white gold 3.2 Carats Of Tanzanite Cable Ring

Price: $215.00

10K White Gold Tanzanite Ring sz 6.75 with Diamond Chip Accents

Price: $31.55

10Kt Tanzanite White Gold Ring- Sz 7

Price: $145.75

NEW $1500 2ct Tanzanite Diamond 10k White Gold Band Ring

Price: $2.25

14 k yellow and white gold tanzanite and diamond ring size 6

Price: $375.00


Price: $404.99

If you're planning on proposing to your loved one then why not go for something far more unique than an ordinary Diamond ring. You can get some very beautiful Tanzanite rings which are set within small Diamond clusters giving you the best of both worlds! Any woman would melt at the knees if she were offered this as an engagement ring! It will defiantly be something she will wish to show to everyone and will put you in her good books long after the wedding night! Also Tanzanite set in a White gold ring is especially attractive as it doesn't take away any of the natural beauty of the stone and therefore the gem stands out thus having a very powerful effect. White gold/ Tanzanite rings also make wonderful gifts for any occasion and will be sure to bring forth the biggest of smiles; it is a wonderful accompaniment to any girls' jewelry box!