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NEW $1500 2ct Tanzanite Diamond 10k White Gold Band Ring

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10K White Gold Tanzanite Ring sz 6.75 with Diamond Chip Accents

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10k white gold Marquise Tanzanite Diamond 3 stone ring

Price: $85.00

New $1000 1.25ct Natural Tanzanite Diamond 10k White Gold Band Ring

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Price: $404.99

Vintage 10k White Gold Tanzanite Heart Shaped Ring

Price: $79.95

Facts about Tanzanite

The mineral zoisite, which Tanzanite is a variety of, was chanced upon about 1805 in the Austrian region by a Baron which is how it acquired it's name. It was generally brown in colouring, often nearly opaque. When the Tanzanite version was discovred in the 1960's in Tanzania, Africa it was believed initially to be Saphire Crystals. Due to it's growing popularity Tanzanite is occasionally used as an alternative for the traditional December birthstones turquoise and zircon. Its magnificent color and its exclusive root in Tanzania combine to make Tanzanite an unparalleled and extremely desired gemstone. Tanzanite rings are becoming very popular.

Tanzanite was only brought into the market in the late 1960's which makes it a baby in the gem world. Once you have discovered Tanzanite you are instantly hooked as it's beauty is astonishing! It has got better fire than the tourmaline elbaite or peridot and a decent hardness. It has just one direction of cleavage which is somewhat of a problem as it is oriented with the direction of strongest pleochroism. This would be a problem in most gems as that's the direction the gemcutter would normally choose to maximize the color. All the same, with tanzanite the color is generally strong enough anyhow.

Pleochroism is really pronounced in tanzanite and is viewed as three different color tints in the same stone. In the regarding of a tanzanite gemstone, the colors dark blue, green-yellow and red-purple can be encountered, all a consequence of pleochroism. Lesser gemstones might have a brownish color due to the mixing of blue, purple and green. These stones are usually heat treated to a deep blue color. Iolite is a blue-violet gemstone variety of the mineral cordierite, has accented pleochroism and can be mixed up with tanzanite. Nevertheless, iolite is generally less powerfully colored, its pleochroic colors change from blue-violet to yellowish gray to blue and it has less fire. Iolite's strange color tones creates an exotic colored stone whose fame is flourishing day by day.

Virtually all tanzanite has been heat treated to bring forth the beautiful violet-blue vividness this gemstone is recognised for. When first mined, just about all stones are a dampened green color. The only known origin of Tanzanite is a five square mile brow at Merelani, ten miles south of the Kilimanjaro International Airport in Tanzania.

Due to it's growing popularity Tanzanite is occasionally used as an alternative for the traditional December birthstones turquoise and zircon.

Tanzanite is a comparatively tough gemstone, but it is not evenly hard-wearing. Tanzanite can chip away or snap off if exposed to moderate blows or sudden alterations in temperature. It is therefore best suited for use in earrings and pendants. When mounted in a ring or bangle, special care ought to be paid to assure the gem is well-protected. Tanzanite should never be cleaned with an ultrasonic or steam clean machine. Tanzanite can be cleaned with virtually any commercial jewelry cleaner or normal household soap and warm water using a gentle brush. Make certain to rinse off and dry thoroughly afterwards.